Monday, June 4, 2007

Identity mgmt for service customisation

Opportunities exist now to use identity management as a tool to personalise communication services. By personalisation I mean any of this:

  • dynamically changing service configuration
  • creating new content
  • blending service primitives in a different way
based on customer identity, previous interactions, etc.

Current Parlay/X framework makes this easy. IMS framework makes it even easier. All the components are there, although it is fair to say that some adaptations may be needed.

Customers reaction to a service based on past usage, browser patterns, etc. may be mixed. Some customers would not tolerate too-intrusive a network, whereas others will complain that is too dumb for their expectations.

Which are the technical challenges associated to this? Let's explore it in a bit more detail.

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juan said...

In mobility some level of predictability to minimize interaction should be welcomed, and in any case, final users should have the option of refusing network intelligence to be helped.

Currently interviewing corporate customers is becoming interesting because they are providing very useful information about final user preferences.
We knew from potential customers that J2ME downloads are not prefered by users for mobile CRM applications, they prefer low interaction web/wap based CRM's.
If they have 20 memberships (banks, airline miles program, mobile carriers, utilities or social webs) they do not want to have 20 J2ME applications to manage them in mobility.

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