Thursday, July 5, 2007

Start-up. Analysts, VC and focus !!!

After several posts regarding technology and mobility trends we come back to post about the start-upping road.
The subject today is how to face the "rules of VC and analysts". When Venture Capital people or just possible customers/analysts visit our website or read our BP they say:

..."you have to many products/solutions" ..."you should focus in one thing"

Even when asking for advice using social networks as LinkedIn we notice a lot of people sharing this view: "it is needed a very sharp defined focus"

It is hard to explain that our product is Mobility, (know-how and technology for mobility). To create more mobility use cases we build some technology and to make easier other existing mobile cases we build some other technology, and to help carriers, MVNO's and other companies to extend mobility we offer consultancy....

And ALL is our product, SOLAIEMES product is MOBILITY !!!

I understood the "rules" coming from VC firms are based on their experience and we respect that, but when reading BPs we should abstract the "idea" from the implementations, our "idea" needs several legs, but the idea is ONE.

juan mateu :-)

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