Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Breaking News! new Solaiemes product, the LiveServe Media Server

Hi, we will issue a PR and add to our website the product description next week but just in advance for our blog readers: we extend our portfolio with our new !!!

Solaiemes LiveServe MediaServer

This product completes our 1.0 release of our IMS based portfolio. The LiveServe MediaServer is a server designed to build downlink based (server to mobile ) VideoShare use cases.
Highly scalable, proven integrated with ConverG application server for standalone solutions or as IMS AS the LiveServe MediaServer could easily manage by remote servers/applications with a command bus, then it is licensable by third parties to build compelling solutions for their customers.

Solaiemes will provide their own use cases with the new product combined with ConverG and LiveServe but states their commit with the open architectures to make feasible third party solutions.

Our LiveServer VideoShare Suite Infrastructure Suite 1.0 (IMS & standalone) finally includes

  • ConverG 1.0 (as IMS AS and/or standalone VS proxy)
  • LiveServe 1.0 (as multiple server based player/recorder)
  • LiveServe Media Server 1.0 (as media server with api for remote control for Video Share solutions)
If you need additional info, email to

Update (24/sept/07), the product description in our website is :

thanks for reading us :-)
Solaiemes team

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