Thursday, November 1, 2007

Solaiemes innovation being recognized !

It is hard to start-up a company from scratch, you know... finding right partners, recruiting enthusiastic people, making the business plan, reviewing the business plan, correcting the business plan ;-), research funds, bureaucracy, develope fast first prototypes of product portfolio, the challenge of getting first customers, got customers happy after trusting us.

Just arriving to our first "birthday" we just received the good new about being selected as a 'Top Innovator' for the GSMA's Mobile Innovation Summit at Asian Mobile Congress in Macau (12-13/November).

We will be showcasing our LiveServe VideoShare Suite 1.0 line of products and participation in the pitching session.

our PR:

and the website of event

We will post our comments about the event, mobile trends we watch from the global exhibition during the event.

solaiemes team

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