Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Carrier's desperation driving IMS ??? Not the best approach ...

Heavy Reading has just published a report on IMS status in carriers. "IMS Deployment Update: Promise & Challenges" (executive summary here). It shows that two perceptions I have already heard elsewhere are really quite widespread:

First (quoting from TMCnet), one of the conclusions from the report's author: "After several years of unvarnished hype, IMS has moved from hero to zero faster than the average telco panacea [...] IMS is a dying issue."

But, strinkingly, operator representatives also admit to be "struggling to find a position in the Web 2.0 world," and that "we don't see any other way to go but IMS."

On one hand we see that there is some perception that IMS is not only going down the hype curve, but actually dying. This is somehow expected. It will take some time to overcome all the issues
of an over-hyped, very complex and new technology. And it remains to be seen how different will be what it is now IMS (in specs and drawing boards) from the result of that distillation process.

On the other hand, the carriers are desperate to embrace IMS' promise. But are they adding the non-technical components that are needed to make it a success? I am talking about imagination here. Migrating existing services to IMS will not provide much benefit, market needs imaginative services, but there is no much creativity yet. New services (like PoC) are not launched because of concerns about cannibalisation or revenue erosion ... Why not create new business models (such as PoC person-to-machine / machine-to-person, etc)?
Risk is negligible for carriers, and much better than desperation anyway.

Following a long tradition, operators are turning to vendors to provide some "mojo", but incumbents suppliers are also worried about erosion of established businesses. Startups are more likely to provide the innovation the market needs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Breaking News! new Solaiemes product, the LiveServe Media Server

Hi, we will issue a PR and add to our website the product description next week but just in advance for our blog readers: we extend our portfolio with our new !!!

Solaiemes LiveServe MediaServer

This product completes our 1.0 release of our IMS based portfolio. The LiveServe MediaServer is a server designed to build downlink based (server to mobile ) VideoShare use cases.
Highly scalable, proven integrated with ConverG application server for standalone solutions or as IMS AS the LiveServe MediaServer could easily manage by remote servers/applications with a command bus, then it is licensable by third parties to build compelling solutions for their customers.

Solaiemes will provide their own use cases with the new product combined with ConverG and LiveServe but states their commit with the open architectures to make feasible third party solutions.

Our LiveServer VideoShare Suite Infrastructure Suite 1.0 (IMS & standalone) finally includes

  • ConverG 1.0 (as IMS AS and/or standalone VS proxy)
  • LiveServe 1.0 (as multiple server based player/recorder)
  • LiveServe Media Server 1.0 (as media server with api for remote control for Video Share solutions)
If you need additional info, email to

Update (24/sept/07), the product description in our website is :

thanks for reading us :-)
Solaiemes team

Friday, August 17, 2007

Solaiemes joins Mobile Innovation Programme

We are happy to announce we just joined the Mobile Innovation Programme

As we said in the previous post we think very useful these kind of initiatives and aligned with our objectives of portfolio awarenes, industry networking and speed up the adoption of innovations.

We recently joined OMA as supporter member also and we believe in all pieces of this industry (telecom) needed each others and then trying to work together and create sinergies: carriers, big infrastructure vendors, huge services companies, and small/middle sized innovation start-ups.