Monday, January 28, 2008

Peer to Multipeer VideoShare Application Server Released !!!


As promised we will be posting unveiling our new products "road to Barcelona Mobile Congress" using the blog. Today the Peer to Multipeer VideoShare Application Server.

What's that? it is the infrastructe enabling a mobile to several mobiles VideoShare combinational call. The calling party voice-call the application server, type the called group code, and share the video, then the application server set up the multiparty with the called party subscribers and as soon as they are accepting the video-invite is sent.

Just notice that we are using videoshare native feature (the Nokia N Series one), not installing specific client. Hanset manufacters looking for application for their videoshare features, please, contact us :-)

Here the video-demo:

The peer to multipeer application server is connected to the IMS or is privately hosted using our ConverG product.
This product has inmediate application in the emergencies and law & reinforcement fields and also to build up mobile communities.

hope you like !

solaiemes team

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