Saturday, January 19, 2008

Solaiemes recognized at Bancaja Entrepreneurship Awards!

We are glad to share with our people, readers, customers, investors ... this good new, Solaiemes was one of the technology based new companies awarded by Bancaja.

Bancaja is a spanish savings bank. The Bancaja Social Foundation sponsors a programme to foster entrepreneurship, one of the key points of the programme is the Annual Awards to recognized the entrepreneurship among the young people. With several awards categories (technology, social enterprise, and "ideas to start a company") they receive more than 400 memos.

Solaiemes was one of 10 technology based company awarded in the 13th Edition.

We are happy, this award is not only related to technology achievements. Key points as business plan, fair/smart HR policies, strategy and business plan execution are reviewed by jury, then, our envision and how we are doing is being recognized.

solaiemes team

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