Thursday, July 24, 2008

Push to Talk. Good news, Instantcom offering PTT offered as ASP

We welcome the initiative of Instantcom launching a push to talk service as SaaS. Carriers did not push forward very powerful services as PTT due to concerns about circuit switch voice cannibalization and a lot of possible services man-machine oir man-to-serveral could not become feasible.
The service is offered with monthly fee plus the amount of data accoring to the data price of mobile/dsl carriers. Even paying twice (service provider and data traffic provider) it turns positive as roaming is enabled, and you can use the service with other carrier customers.
As Solaiemes is launching their new product line based on PoC added value solutions the concern about carrier service availability disappeared :-)
Hope big companies, banks, media companies, will replace carriers pushing services if carriers are not interested.

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