Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes! Solaiemes team has a sleepless iPhone fan :-)

Alex, one of the Solaiemers, even as a company we tried to work for empower mid-tier devices is apple-fanatic, it proves how Solaiemes mobility army is accepting all views :-)
He was in the cue during now to adquire his 3G iPhone in the recently open TELEFONICA Store in the historical Telefonica headquarter in Madrid (just plane city centre, Gran Via street, where usually cinema premiers take place, the street of red carpets).

See the sequence of 4 videos (selected from the more than 10 he shooted) from the "long waiting" until getting the ONE, this services where streamed "live" in our blog using our technology, the quality is not as better as it use to see due the lots of 3G
subscribers in such a small place and also the mobile-camera (nokia 6120) being
handled by the quivering hand of our "excited by iPhone" colleague :-)


jose antonio said...

ha ha, curioso reportaje, enhorabuena, y bueno, el iPhone mola

Alex Martín said...

At 5 am we arrived at Gran Vía 28, where surprisingly were only 23 people waiting for the opening of Telefonica's main shop in Madrid.

One hour later the queue was double size and a bit later it was insane to think about joining it.

5 hours later, by the opening time it covered more than the distance between Telefonica's shop and Plaza de Callao, but people were still joining it.

When the doors opened we came inside and went straight to the iPhone desks to get our new gadget. I think we were at the best position on the queue, because one of the persons in charge of the opening took us upstairs so we did not have to wait too much.

Despite the good intentions of the people working there, who were really nice and really made an effort that morning, it was impossible to handle that amount of iPhone fans trying to get their own. The computer infrastructure went down a few times and contracts had to be processed by phone leading on more delay. After I got my contract signed it was time for paying for the iPhone, but it was not possible to pay using credit/debit card, so I was kindly suggested to leave the shop and find a cash dispenser. Of course I kindly suggested them to send me the invoice and make the charge to my bank account.

After 3 hours I managed to pay using my debit card and "scape".

To be honest, if I had known this, and the fact that there is stock enough to provide this shop, I would have waited until monday for getting my iPhone, great gadget by the way ;)

Anonymous said...

Curiosamente el reportaje ha sido grabado con un 6120 de Nokia.

solaiemes project :-) said...

sí, usando la funcionalidad del videoshare que incorpora se pudieron retransmitir "en directo" las conexiones y postear automáticamente al finalizar cada conexión.

Alex Martín said...

Si, me hubiera gustado usar un iPhone, lástima que no tuviéramos ninguno a mano :P

juan said...

Alex, el iPhone no tiene cliente de VideoShare nativo, bien que lo sabes :-P
aunque claro, no descartamos hacer uno, pero con el iPhone no se hubiese podido hacer.
El campeón del Decathlon será un atleta muy completo pero no le pides que gane también en pruebas de natación.

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