Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Innovation Directors, a needed real role for telcos and big companies

Hi, after some posts talking about Solaiemes news or technology we post today about innovation deployment. As entrepreneurs creating new technologies able to deliver innovative use cases for telcos, banks, media companies we are discouraging from the unclear entry-door to explain our products/services.
Carriers and huge companies operating mature markets, fully competitive, have little space for ARPU increases other than new services people consider good to pay for them.
A lot of good ideas come generally from little start-ups, and all the big companies make some marketing movements about how they promote the ecosystem, but sadly, often, basically this actions are only for press relase purposes and not pursue a real collaboration and deployment of innovation.
Most of innovation managers in big companies are not managing budget, and their task is basically prospection but with no capability (even their efforts to scalate opportunities). At the other hand, some innovation directors with direct budget responsability are executives promoted to that position because it was the "director" position vacancy and not because they are interested in innovation. The last one, with more conservative aproach likely will spend de budget buying reports to market research analyst and paying a lot of money to a big consultancy company to make some kind of innovation that it is not their real focus.
In a lot of international events as GSMA mobile congresses (MWC, Asia Mobile) panelists from carriers talk a lot about promoting ecosystem but they have no time to visit start-up booths. Please, the success of your companies depends of innovation difficult to be created internally or coming from big suppliers, looking what we are doing is helping yourselves to improve your business.
Hope head-hunter leader firms will be helping to recruit former entrepreneurs, understanding from the other side, how innovation could be placed in a fast track inside large company in a win-win scheme helping ecosystem to grow faster.
Fortunately, we detect some exceptions is some media company or banks with innovating style people managing the innovation functions but carriers should improve :-)

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