Friday, August 8, 2008

web2.0 interacting with Solaiemes team is easy !

We encourage our readers, clients, partners, to follow up our communication channels (website, blog, twitter) and even make the next step, a real interaction, commenting our posts or twits, recommending our channles, linking us when posting about a relevant matter for you, your personal or corporate blogs.
We think mutual feedback is important to improve, and the web 2.0 tools make really easy and quick to provide feedback, ask questions to get a very quick answer, etc.

Currently we have the next averages:

1-2 monthly updates of the website (PR or new product/demo)
2-3 blog monthly posts
1-2 daily twits

We want to double our communication averages with answers, required posts, open questions to other technologyst or "connected people". Please, help us :-) recommended step, follow us at twitter, we will announcing there new post, PR, new products and day by day activities.

We also welcome initiatives as

a initiative to register a Twitter Brand Index for spanish companies, by Marc Cortés, the promoter. Thanks Marc for adding us :-)

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