Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Multimodality approaches. Old approach.

Yesterday, reading the DevCentral newsletter (the AT&T newsletter for developers) and talking about multimodal interaction (multimodality), in plain words, using voice to command the mobile browser :-), they talked about 2 options: Fat and thin clients (On Device Clients).
  • FAT CLIENT was a mobile application including ASR (speech recognition capabilities) and TTS (text to speech).
  • THIN CLIENT was a mobile application able to encode/decode the voice to send to remote server where IVR resourcer are based.
In both alternative to get multimodal solutions, you face the same problem, only powerful smartphones have the resources to run those clients (symbian, windows mobile and possible iPhone and Blackberry) but with difficult compatibility from handset to handset.
Additionally, if you want to get connected with multimodal capability with several CRM (m-banking, m-ticketing, etc) you do not want to install so many application. And a lot of people prefer mid tier devices with good browser but not so "open" to create thin or fat clients.

In our opinion, these restrictions reduce the "potential market" of multimodal enabled mobility solutions or m-CRM offers. Why not using native mid-tier handser capabilities as browser and the voice and data simoultaneus offered in 3G and class A GSM/GPRS/EDGE handsets.
Stay tunned, tomorrow we will unveiling our approach not needed fat or thin client :-)

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