Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The new Multimodality approach, the Solaiemes multimodal solution

Hi, just continuing our previous post, now, it's time to unveil our solutions for multimodal interaction, the Solaiemes Multimodality :-)
Firstly, we do not believe too much in ODA (on device application), we run away from thin or fat clients, our solutions is not using any client at all at handset (i.e: sonyericsson devices do not need it) or a very small J2ME midlet, the same for all devices, with the only function of triggering the browser starting.
Our solution combines our usability platform AVISG with a commercial IVR (we are compatible with most of IVR providers, using standard protocols or a specific communication bus API we provide). With this approach, companies using a phone CRM can migrate to multimedia CRM in mobility, reusing their voice infrastructure.
As exemple, see this video of a m-Banking using multimodality:


For this demo we integrate our AVISG platform with VOXEO IVR, without needing any support from IVR side. It shows how easy, scalable, and plug and play could be delivered a trial.
AVISG provides perfect synchronism between voice and/or keypad orders and the XHTML rendered, several XHTML could be defined to take maximum profit of each browser capabilities, as one of key feature of AVISG is the multidevice optimal info rendering.
Whatever 3G handset (simoultaneous voice and data capable) or GPRS / EDGE class A capable are compatible with our approach. It is not needed a powerful smartphone with open OS. We tested with several handset manufacturers, focusing in mid tier series.

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