Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ready4Growth seminars, very goog initiative !

Hi, Solaiemes was one of the companies attenting the Ready4Growth Seminar organized by Barcelona Activa for mobile/mobility companies. 2 days of very intensive training with a lot of pannels covering:

  • Funding (how to do elevator pitch, types of VC and BA, requirements, timing).
  • Building a team and how to complete management profiles.
  • Planning expansion (product, markets, etc)
  • Legal matters when launching a funding round.
  • Mobility trends explained by top carriers and mobile companies leaders
  • Positioning the company, getting awareness.

The final goal of the seminar is prepare companies to plan the expansion and prepare to start properly the funding rounds. In pareallel is a useful networking opportunity.
Firstly, we would thank Barcelona Activa to invite us and Unkasoft (advergaming), Madrid based companies :-), to attend the seminar (20 companies) , it was a good opportunity to meet Barcelona area entrepreneurs colleagues and perhaps we will find space to synergies and mutual collaboration soon.

All the subjets were covered with excelent pannelist, and the Parc Tecnologic de Barcelona Nord was a very nice place, typical building encouraging to innovate :-)

We encourage public institutions trying to promote entreprenership to continue with this important task, (last spring we attended a funding planning seminar organized by Madri+d) and cooperate to build a robust ecosystem.

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