Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Solaiemes at Mobile Monday Madrid

On September the 29th , we pitched 5 minutes during the Mobile Monday Madrid session Mobile Internet Platforms with Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! in front of a fully crowded audience (aprox 180 people at IE Business School Auditorium) of mobile industry, carriers and mobile start-up representatives, IE MBA candidates, and the panelists.
The pannelist were Enrique Dans, Professor of Information Systems and Techologies at IE Business School, José Antonio Martínez Aguilar (Director of the Telecom and Media Division at Google), Alex Romero (Director for Strategic Partnerships for Portugal, Spain and France at Yahoo Europe) and Iván Lozano (Mobile Manager at Microsoft Spain) . After the introduction by Enrique Dans (the role of Generation Y boosting mobility), the big players in the industry representatives explain their companies "vision/aproach" to "mobile internet". Very interesting points of view.

After that, 3 start-ups previously invited but not announced :-) pitched 5 minutes following the rules: 5 min, business casual and english language :-).

Diego Bartolome presented Tau with You, an incredible real time translation solutions for mobile, powerful to translate from/to oriental languages.

Rafa Casado, explained Tooio , a mobile and web focused community, with lot of potential in the field of LBS based advertisment.

We explained our vision about mobility, and try to convince the audience about the importance of using mobile standard device features, in the same way, internet applications are replacing installed sw from a personal-computing perspective. 2 pics of our pitch with the panelists.

In parallel we encourage carriers to think about how to create amazing use cases with current technologies already available.

It is really difficult to explain too many things during a 5 minutes slot. We did our best when preparing the pitch.
In order to match the 5 minutes we prefered to merge keynote slides and video-demo of our technology use cases in a single video you can find below.

the solaiemes team :-)

Note 1: find the all the pics of event took by Rudy from Mobile Monday at

Note 2: regarding the video, if you read fast the slides text, please fast forward


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