Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mobile Search voice triggered is possible with no application, check it !

Recently Google unveiled its iPhone app to perform mobile search voice triggered (multimodal interaction). It was impressive and they posted a video in the google blog.

But, why not following the internet trend, to avoid installing applications???
Why limiting rich user experience only to high-tier mobile devices owners ???
We do without installing application and only 3G device is needed. That's it, check out our demo applied to mobile google search engine:

With the Solaiemes multimodality approach, based in our platform AVISG, we can interact with mobile engines as google, yahoo, etc combining synchronized voice call and automatic triggered browsing session with no need of downloading mobile application. The only requirement: a 3G mobile phone (even with no smartphone capabilities). Nokia, Motorola, SonyEricssson, Samsung and others users can have the same experiencies if the device is a 3G enabled with simultaneous voice and data conection.

solaiemes team

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