Monday, January 28, 2008

Peer to Multipeer VideoShare Application Server Released !!!


As promised we will be posting unveiling our new products "road to Barcelona Mobile Congress" using the blog. Today the Peer to Multipeer VideoShare Application Server.

What's that? it is the infrastructe enabling a mobile to several mobiles VideoShare combinational call. The calling party voice-call the application server, type the called group code, and share the video, then the application server set up the multiparty with the called party subscribers and as soon as they are accepting the video-invite is sent.

Just notice that we are using videoshare native feature (the Nokia N Series one), not installing specific client. Hanset manufacters looking for application for their videoshare features, please, contact us :-)

Here the video-demo:

The peer to multipeer application server is connected to the IMS or is privately hosted using our ConverG product.
This product has inmediate application in the emergencies and law & reinforcement fields and also to build up mobile communities.

hope you like !

solaiemes team

Thursday, January 24, 2008

LiveServe 2.0...when Mobile and WEB 2.0 walk together :-)

Hi, we will publish in the next few days a press release in out website, but just in advance for our readers, we are going to unveil our first product reaching the second release, the LiveServe.

Here you can find a video with a couple of use cases, integration as Widget of 3G VideoShare "See What I See" in blogger public site, and the video-real-time-autoposting, a way to create personal videoblogs from whatever you are in your important moments. Concepts as video-twiter become feasible, and a lot of enterprise productivity solutions could be based in real time videoreporting.
We did not install anything in the device, we are using native features as VideoShare and can use videocall (but videocall has worse performace), these are network infrastructure based solutions.

It is time for carriers to make the move towards IMS, or at least enable this kind of services increasing ARPU, and new MVNO's to take a look about this services as virgin market segment to get customers, not only techy individuals but media companies, services companies, emergency forces, law & reinforcement, etc.

be there, from now on to the Mobile Congress week we will unveil new products
keep in touch  :-)

best regards.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Solaiemes recognized at Bancaja Entrepreneurship Awards!

We are glad to share with our people, readers, customers, investors ... this good new, Solaiemes was one of the technology based new companies awarded by Bancaja.

Bancaja is a spanish savings bank. The Bancaja Social Foundation sponsors a programme to foster entrepreneurship, one of the key points of the programme is the Annual Awards to recognized the entrepreneurship among the young people. With several awards categories (technology, social enterprise, and "ideas to start a company") they receive more than 400 memos.

Solaiemes was one of 10 technology based company awarded in the 13th Edition.

We are happy, this award is not only related to technology achievements. Key points as business plan, fair/smart HR policies, strategy and business plan execution are reviewed by jury, then, our envision and how we are doing is being recognized.

solaiemes team

Monday, January 14, 2008

Solaiemes Blog & Creative Commons

We want to stimulate the debate around mobility, new use cases, new IMS infrastructure based solutions, and mobile entrepreneurship.

We would like our readers posting comments to enrich the blog (ours and also yours) and we offer our contents under Creative Commons free licensing for other web resources or media.

The chosen CC License:

hope to help each other stimulating the mobility ecosystem

solaiemes team

Thursday, January 10, 2008

1st VC Round completed !!!

When we started-up Solaiemes, we did not want to wait until the company got the needed funding to develope and show our multimedia mobile solutions infrastructure.

With limited resources we reached some milestones and at the same time tried to get VC at the starting level we needed.

Last October we signed de entrepreneur soft-loan (NEOTEC) from CDTI (Spanish Ministery of Industry).

Now after Due-Dilligenge and negotiation proccess we reached an agreement with EURECAN, the VC fund of Caja Navarra (, EureCan invests in our Company.
Welcome on board.

See our PR:

Solaiemes Team

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Mobile Year 2008


Solaiemes team look forward 2008 will be a fantastic year for Mobile and Internet industry, and wish the best for all our readers, customers, partners, and nice people around the globe :-)

a short video about us :-) we promise to talk to camera next time ;-)
just defeating shyness


solaiemes team :-)