Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chema interviewed by ServicesMobiles Site

Chema was interviewed by the french specialized mobile technology site

The journalist uploaded the interview to YouTube.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Yes ! We did, using 3G VideoShare to real time content upload to YouTube


After showcasing use cases of our LiveServe Suite Infrastructure as real time broadcasting video from 3G VideoShare capable handset. (We use currently the native client included Nokia N73 and other N Series and several E Series ) as:

  • real time videobroadcasting inserted as widget in whatever WEB 2.0 site as
  • real time videoposting in a dedicated blogger site

We unveil how uploading real time content from wherever you are, at any time to YouTube. The stream could be so long as your handset battery life decides :-)
Our first YouTube realtime video-upload using 3G VideoShare with our platform:

original size is QCIF (176x144) and the UMTS uplink was 64 kbps, the quality then is limited, hope soon the uplink rate will reach 128 kbps and the handset clients will do also.

for YouTube fanatics a nice enhancement, it could be operated by independent hosting or even better using carrier branded commercial videoshare services !!!

solaiemes team

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes ! We are in the Mobile World Congress and videoposting :-)

We are exhibiting at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona (Feb 11-14th). We will be unveiling our platforms for real time sharing media across mobile and WEB 2.0 / Corporate Applications.
We will be broadcasting several times a day using this blog, from mobile-camera, and all the recordings will be real time available at: