Thursday, July 24, 2008

Push to Talk. Good news, Instantcom offering PTT offered as ASP

We welcome the initiative of Instantcom launching a push to talk service as SaaS. Carriers did not push forward very powerful services as PTT due to concerns about circuit switch voice cannibalization and a lot of possible services man-machine oir man-to-serveral could not become feasible.
The service is offered with monthly fee plus the amount of data accoring to the data price of mobile/dsl carriers. Even paying twice (service provider and data traffic provider) it turns positive as roaming is enabled, and you can use the service with other carrier customers.
As Solaiemes is launching their new product line based on PoC added value solutions the concern about carrier service availability disappeared :-)
Hope big companies, banks, media companies, will replace carriers pushing services if carriers are not interested.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New! Solaiemes Communication SaaS

Finally, after conducting appliance based trials of our LIVESERVE technology converging media from mobile to Web 2.0, a new provisioning tool allows the capacity sharing, and start commercialization of our technology as SaaS model in parallel with the appliance model.

With this new approach, online media, web 2.0 communities, third party integrators will have an affordable way to include ubiquos live video in their solutions.
The platforms provideds html embbeds to include in the customer public sites or private web bases productivity solutions (as ERP, CRM) in a very simple way, each embed could be linked with media associated from 1 to n different handsets or resources. Several applications becoming feasible:
  • Web TV
  • online media live feeds from outdoors
  • VideoBlogging / Video personal live broadcasting
  • Video Surveillance
  • VideoReporting ERP (gardening, maintenance, building tasks documentation)
  • Interactive Voice and Video Response (IVVR)
Media Sources include:
  • 3G handsets with videoshare feature ( Nokia N Series, 6120, 6110, and others)
  • 3G videocall capable (upon request, needs a videogateway platform and ISDN conections)
  • Webcams
  • fix IP cameras
  • and specific clients developed on demand in case of targetting other devices with no videoshare feature (windows mobile, iPhone, etc).
See exemples of integration with public site as and enterprise propietary solution.

Additional brochure (spanish versión) -> brochure
And finally the video showing how easy could be integrating the platform with final use cases.

Solaiemes Team

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yes! Solaiemes team has a sleepless iPhone fan :-)

Alex, one of the Solaiemers, even as a company we tried to work for empower mid-tier devices is apple-fanatic, it proves how Solaiemes mobility army is accepting all views :-)
He was in the cue during now to adquire his 3G iPhone in the recently open TELEFONICA Store in the historical Telefonica headquarter in Madrid (just plane city centre, Gran Via street, where usually cinema premiers take place, the street of red carpets).

See the sequence of 4 videos (selected from the more than 10 he shooted) from the "long waiting" until getting the ONE, this services where streamed "live" in our blog using our technology, the quality is not as better as it use to see due the lots of 3G
subscribers in such a small place and also the mobile-camera (nokia 6120) being
handled by the quivering hand of our "excited by iPhone" colleague :-)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Let's talk about handsets

Disclaimer: this is a personal view, in Solaiemes we have team members worshipping the IPhone, and perhaps they are no sharing my point of view :-)

Now, let's talk about handsets as mobility tools. Everybody is waiting impatient the 3G iPhone, of course, it is a very nice handset, with lot of capabilities, Apple design, and proper marketing, obviously Solaiemes will try to squeeze its capabilities to deliver more mobility use cases experiencies.
Once said that, now, I want to help people realizing that a lot of powerful use cases are not needing iPhone, and perhaps other devices have advantadges. iPhone has a powerful browser and a lot of mobile solutions could be done base on rich web using AJAX, it is a fact, but for multimedia mobile use cases, related with infrastructure, all is still to be done.
Nokia is including by default as "out the box" features Push to Talk, VideoShare (see what i see), etc...
Other device manufacturers as Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson, have the same features developed but are no enabled in the SW right now in most of countries, we encourage them to enable the features and help the ecosystem to make this features a powerful ARPU generator for carriers, and a powerful "satisfaction" generator for their customers. With PTT and VideoShare you have real mobile experiences and new capabilities about being conected, alerted, sharing live media, multimodal usability. All these capabilities enable competition vs iPhone strengths: mobile browser, ipod-mobile, high tier conected PDA.

Solaiemes focuses on empowering the mid-tier devices, the largest market size in western countries to enable from network application specific infrastructure the same or even more multimedia and usability performance of high tier devices, and will help people with mid tier devices not envying iPhone users :-)