Thursday, September 25, 2008

Solaiemes at NGMAST08

I'm comming from the Second International Conference on Next Generations Mobile Applications Services and Tecnologies (NGMAST 2008), which has taken place on the beautiful city of Cardiff, Wales (U.K.) between 16th and 19th September. Solaiemes has been one of the companies selected to participate at the conference with a paper contribution and a presentation of our novel P2MP services based on our Liveserve technology.

Besides having a very nice time at Cardiff enjoying the organizers hospitality, Solaiemes engineers had the oportunity of exchanging ideas with many of the most important companies working in next generation mobile services including vendors like Nokia or Ericsson and operators like Telefónica and Orange.

This kind of participation and interaction contributes to guarateeing that Solaiemes maintains the highest standards in research and development of novel mobile services and contributes to consolidate Solaiemes as a relevant actor in the area.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mobility enabling media-CRM, media-ERP

Today, with good 3G coverage, acceptable average bandwidths, and media-enabled mid tiers devices the time of ambition generating valuable use cases for mobility arrives.
Till now mobile ERP is understood as PDA's sending data (task reporting, sales orders, etc) and mobile CRM is understood as the WAP channel for m-banking or the "maximum" the videoportal.
It is not enough.
Regarding CRM, multimodality delivers usability to make m-channels as popular as e-channels (i.e: banking), combinational services as videoshare could provide better quality videoportals ans saving the uplink video perhaps the sender does not want to send. A new way of carrying voice as half duplex VoIP, the push to talk could be very cost effective to deploy CRM quick interactions. We work on that.
Regarding ERP, huge ERP providers, bit IT companies, as IBM, Accenture, CapGemini, Everis, Atos and ERP SW leaders as SAP may see the opportunity of including media, as the most realistic way of reporting and proccess documentation. VideoShare, PTT, combined with LBS, will help companies to decrease the cost of full reporting of activities, further data analyzing of how the tasks are doing, and how they can be improved. In the field is difficult to stop and type, but it is easy talk, and the ASR doing the job of translating to text.
Now, the proper enablers for CRM and ERP revolution are here, the challenge is ENVISIONING the opportunities of win-win-win (carriers-service_providers/Companies/final_users).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The new Multimodality approach, the Solaiemes multimodal solution

Hi, just continuing our previous post, now, it's time to unveil our solutions for multimodal interaction, the Solaiemes Multimodality :-)
Firstly, we do not believe too much in ODA (on device application), we run away from thin or fat clients, our solutions is not using any client at all at handset (i.e: sonyericsson devices do not need it) or a very small J2ME midlet, the same for all devices, with the only function of triggering the browser starting.
Our solution combines our usability platform AVISG with a commercial IVR (we are compatible with most of IVR providers, using standard protocols or a specific communication bus API we provide). With this approach, companies using a phone CRM can migrate to multimedia CRM in mobility, reusing their voice infrastructure.
As exemple, see this video of a m-Banking using multimodality:


For this demo we integrate our AVISG platform with VOXEO IVR, without needing any support from IVR side. It shows how easy, scalable, and plug and play could be delivered a trial.
AVISG provides perfect synchronism between voice and/or keypad orders and the XHTML rendered, several XHTML could be defined to take maximum profit of each browser capabilities, as one of key feature of AVISG is the multidevice optimal info rendering.
Whatever 3G handset (simoultaneous voice and data capable) or GPRS / EDGE class A capable are compatible with our approach. It is not needed a powerful smartphone with open OS. We tested with several handset manufacturers, focusing in mid tier series.