Monday, January 12, 2009

Solaiemes finalist at Premio Vivero

Today we were named Finalist at Premio Vivero (Award) organized by Fundetec.
We congratulate the winner IncarSoft and the other 2 finalists (elected from 60 projects participating), and e-Quantium.
This mention granted as a free of cost booth for next SIMO'09 (IT Exhibition in Spain).
The jury members come from public administration ( and Fundetec sponsors as Telefonica, HP, Intel etc.
The speeches during the ceremony (by Fundetec President, a member of Incarsoft and a Madrid Council representative) were clear about the key role of entrepreneurship and innovation to left behing current crisis. All the first revenues of each start-ups are generating real time new qualified employement, and both, government entities and powerful companies should trust the start-ups innovations in products and services.
We welcome the awards and mentions sponsorized by public organizations and private companies, and hope they will be more active in the role of "early adopter" of entrepreneurs innovation :-)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Again the innovation of Solaiemes is recognized being finalist of an award. Good luck with "Premio Vivero" and this week in San Diego.

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