Sunday, January 4, 2009

Solaiemes New Year's Goals !!!

just a quick list of our goals (10 from a longer list) for this new year 2009,

1) Improve our brand awareness with starting point the Red Herring Global 08 in San Diego.
2) Impress people/partners/investors with our demos at Mobile World Congress and CTIA.
3) Make public references some current trials in tier 1 companies.
4) Get a Series A funding round from international VC with links in mobile/it industry.
5) Increase the sales force and business development actitivity with new resources.
6) Get distribution/integrators global partnerships. Projects in several countries.
7) Become partners of big suppliers of telco infrastructure and mobile devices.
8) Convert public references in success cases / get market research analysts aware.
9) Launch our Communication SaaS line globally with enterprise/personal solutions mashables with Web 2.0 popular sites.
10) Profitability, of course :-)

if you think we should add more goals, let us know, feedback welcome
the solaiemes team

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