Friday, February 13, 2009

We still believe in Push to Talk as a powerful service enabler

Hi, during the MWC we will be showcasing our whole portfolio, and yes, we still are firmly believer in PoC (push over cellular) potential. There are a lot of fields, both, mass market and enterprise/government activities needing a quick audio and/or pic reporting. Those use cases are needing PTT as a easier mechanism to carry voice to server based solutions.
Fortunately, several companies are developing following OMA standards the PTT servers and even devices focused in complex application areas. One of them is Sonim Technologies, with very useful (and affordable) PTT enabled ruggedized devices XP1 and XP3 (and also their OMA PTT Server).

Solaiemes is working with their VoxServe technology to provide a solutions framework to offer as license and/or SaaS a layer to combine the PTT service and the PTT devices to build added value solutions. Mass market and enterprise/government field daily activities can take profit of reporting, recording, real time information sharing PTT can provide. A wide range of use cases for PTT are not replacing circuit switch voice calls (main fear of mobile carriers reluctant to promote PTT). Please, all we must open minds and boost Mobility.

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