Wednesday, March 25, 2009

911 Emergencies Support Solution by Solaiemes

As previously announced LiveServe Solutions Framework was designed as horizontal infrastructure to build on the top customized vertical uses cases fitting the customer needs with little "customization effort".
We just released own vertical solutions based on LSF platform for 911 Emergencies crisis management (112 is the emergency number in other countries, i.e: Spain) improving the decision taking with live media from field and the capabilities of locating and real time sharing with 3rd parties using 3G streaming (911 Directors, all the chain management no in-situ at headquarters, etc). The solutions can be used also by Police Corps. Watch :-)

Citizens or 911 staff can report with live video (with 3G videocall or 3G videoshare, not needed on device additiona app) from the place where the emergency is being happened, 911/Police staff can see live, everything is being recorded, the records can be tagged, and located, if needed, sharing the emergency info in real time with management chain, it could be done by 3G streaming (not needed external applications).

We will keep informed of new vertical solutions based on our technologies, and we are eager to meet with 3rd parties interested in creating final vertical solutions for their customers based on LiveServe technology.

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