Saturday, March 28, 2009

Equality in Mobility User Experience, Is it a dream? No, it is a Right

Hi, 2 weeks ago we talk about a "mobile cloud" alternative to "mobile applications", today we want to show with a real demo how it is possible to provide very good user experience for mobile solutions in mid-tier devices, and it means to deliver "mobility value" for everybody. In this video we compare our network based solution with iPhone and a 3G device (not smartphone) and create for both the same multimodal experience based on browsing, voice call, Solaiemes AVISG usability platform and IVR/ASR/TTS SaaS capabilities from 3rd parties.

Obviously, smartphones have computing advantadges, larger display, touch, etc...but we must take in count that powerful 17" laptops are far away more capable than 9" netbooks and netbooks are beoming now (using browser as cloud based applications enabler) the perfect machine for most of use cases. This is the point we want to evangelize as new trend of mobility, common devices are enough for very rich experiences. Carriers, suppliers, content providers should work together to improve user experience for all mobile subscribers, Solaiemes in pushing for that :-)
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