Sunday, March 8, 2009

LiveServe, also to create mobile TV's :-)

Till now, we were talking about LiveServe platform as the ideal framework to manage incoming media from mobile and broadcasting and posting to the WEB 2.0, this is true but LiveServe is more than that.
The LiveServe MediaServer module is designed to distribute media to mobile using videocall, videoshare or RTSP streaming. Combining both capabilities we can create even end to end mobile TV, broadcasting live video from mobile to mobile customers using streaming. LiveServe MS also provides an API for ad insertion, creating playlist and defining the live source on demand to be sent.
Our final goal is provide best in class seamless media matrix. Hope online media will understand how they can "revolutionate" their offer, as they can make arrive online video-jornalism to their web users, and also to their mobile users.

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