Tuesday, March 3, 2009

LiveServe Solutions Framework (LS 3.0)

We are please to announce our last release of our LiveServe platform. We unveiled it at MWC 2009. New features:

  • Support of VideoCall as live mobile incoming stream (to be added to the intially VideoShare feature supported)
  • Framework designed to create "tailored" solutions based on "skin look and feel changes"
  • Timeline and Geoview Media repository. Cell ID script, GPS and carrier LBS supported to get the location.
  • Live Windows exportable as iframe to other websites
  • Tagging/edit comments on posted media
  • Connectors to personal accounts of social media sites: YouTube, Blogger, OVI...
  • The web framework is also supporting VoIP audio from our VoxServe Push to Talk platform.
  • Live mobile video not only broadcasted using WEB, LiveServe is also providing 3G streaming to mobile devices.

The LiveServe Solution Framework become the ideal platform to build mobile/convergence added value use cases for online media, socia media, law enforcement, task reporting, emergencies...


Gary said...

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juan said...

Gary, thx for your nice comment.
We try to use our blog to explain our vision of mobility, the new products and solutions and share our views about the hot news in the mobile industry.
Regarding your new blog, it is quite new (few posts), I like the style, but the name of URL do not know if it is good for seo purposes :-)

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