Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Solaiemes signs the Open Cloud Manifesto

Solaiemes joined the Open Cloud Manifesto initiative. The ultimate goal of the Manifesto is to make the cloud as open and valuable as possible. Solaiemes believes in the cloud not only for enterprise or personal computing areas but mobility cloud based solutions.
We are happy joining the list of supporters including huge companies as Cisco, Sun, AT&T, Telefonica, IBM and also amazing start-ups.
We are glad to see spanish start-up's very focused in exploring the possibilities in the cloud as SaaS areas as EyeOS, Abiquo, Litebi and others also joining.
We strongly believe in openess as global opportunity and consider a huge step in the right way to find huge companies also supporting standards and looking for an extended community including start-up's of the ecosystem of "the cloud" that is being placed as "early stage". We think this "spirit of collaboration" will be a key point to succed both, technology and ecosystem.

To download the full manifesto in pdf here.

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