Saturday, April 18, 2009

Solaiemes VP to speak at IMS 2.0 WorldForum

Luis Valencia, our IMS Products VP is one of the selected speakers of the 6th IMS 2.0 WorldForum next 28-30th April in Barcelona.
Luis will be introducing the keynote "What does the End User Want and How Can IMS Fit the Bill?" and later participating in the pannel "Strategies to Addressing the End User’s Needs from IMS".
Solaiemes learnt from final potential and early adopters "communication solutions" users what they need from the current and future networks. Multimedia capabilities enable a lot of added value use cases, both enterprise/government and mass market fields, eager to be adopted. The lack of compatible services (too much focused the market on device applications, with no compatibility with different mobile OS) and the unknown cost of data traffic involved with the service were two big stones in the middle of the road.
Fortunately, now, RCS initiative and the each time more extended "flat rate and/or stepped semi-flat rates" billing data traffic will help to boost IMS and got their maximum potential.
Solaiemes is one of the companies believing in the future of IMS, developing Application Servers to provide "communication solutions", premise and mobile_cloud/hosted, making real use cases of VideoShare, PTT, Presence, VoIP and VideoIP in mobile / convergence spaces with particular focused on mobile/web2.0 interaction. We are pleased to share this important forum with speakers and delegates from hugest carriers as Telefonica, France Telecom, TeliaSonera, Telenor, KPN, telecom top suppliers as Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, and also succesful mobile start-up's colleagues.

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