Friday, May 8, 2009

Yahoo! Connected TV !!! Welcome

The digital convergence is here, and come here to stay. Yahoo come back, and in our opinion with an interesting play. The Yahoo Connected TV seems a better way to integrate internet "on TV screen" than the approach of running a full browser. The TV Widgets seem "the more usable" way to make arrive interactivity and the web to the home TV's. Non-Geek people can find in this technology a low entry (complexity) barrier to finally BE DIGITAL. TV manufacturers as Samsung, Sony & LG started to integrate the platform and offer to the public, and giants of media and internet as CBS and eBay among others had developed their own widgets. Intel is also involved. Now, while in most European countries are discussing about how deploy "interactivity" with DTT, perhaps the Connected TV is the real fast track and what is more important, more open.
Solaiemes is focused in digital convergence, and we foresee interesting possibilities to make arrive communication solutions directly from communication devices to the "big screen" of non-geek people and also offer new complex and high added value combining multimedia communications between mobile and TV spaces.
Stay tunned, we will post further :-)


Anonymous said...

At the moment, most of the contents available on Internet are not being exploited completely due to the need of being in front of the computer screen, or connect the laptop to the TV set. This was right when the bandwidth available for Internet connection was limited, but now when broadband connections are growing the possibility to watch On Demand contents with a good quality is really something that many people is waiting for, and a new possibility of business, because many of these contents can be charged (for small quantities). This makes that making available contents on-line with a good quality for a cheap price allow traditional broadcasters to become content providers for the on-line world (or VoD contents for pay-TV).

The idea of browsing “traditional” Internet from TV-sets has been here since the analogue cable TV times, and has not been really successful, but now watching streaming contents and social networks may be the boost that these applications need.

juan said...

Anonymous, fully agree, the web TVs being difficult to monetize in internet...offered as VoD in TV Screen, perhaps even with pre-paid credit, could be very succesful.
Widgets alerting of new "pills" of your favourite "alternative content providers" and possible VoD just for cents...enabling a long tail of viewers...can be perhaps the real revolution.
We are interested in the live broadcasting from everywhere by everyone able to arrive to everybody's home :-)

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