Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hi carriers, do you want an innovative new "cash-cow" ?

Yeapp !!! we believe a new cash-cow can help the telco industry to find new consistent revenue stream, take the most from past capex investment and "re-invent" carriers services not being pushed properly in the past, and what is more important, monetize the social media interaction, offering an easy way communicate dual way with web 2.0 concepts. Twitter is a clear example of how web 2.0 concepts need mobility for a proper "always on".
IP services are winning, carriers aim to offer standarized services rather than specific application to be portated from mobile platform to mobile platform....IMS and PTT Servers investments were done....USE THEM.

The fear of mobile 2 way radio (push to talk) cannibalizing voice and sms markets only applies when thinking in person-to-person use cases....but on the other hand why no using PTT for

- User generated content to the web (enterprise or social media) ?
- Quick interaction with IVR for customer care not needing permanent full-duplex connection ?
- Audio based non intrusive advertisment when combining PTT and presence ?
- New user alerts customized in lots of fields ?
- Receiving audio-read of your incoming emails ?
- Standarized audio-push from web to mobile and/or mobile to web?

Even owning high tier smartphones, people can not walk in the street, or travel permanently focused on what is happening on the display....Why not using from low to high tier devices PTT enabled to offer a wide range of amazing mobile use cases for your base of customers ???

Solaiemes platform VOXSERVE is designed to interoperate with whatever OMA PoC Server vendor to deliver a full range of mobile services.
We are eager to partners with Mobile Carriers, MVNO's and service providers feeling the need of keep a role enhancing Mobility, taking the most from past CAPEX investment and offering new capabilities to keep and improve customer loyalty.

Solaiemes is looking for Carriers offering Push To Talk service to partner a mobile Voice 2.0 win and win your customers. Maybe Solaiemes become the farmer of your cash-cows :-)

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