Tuesday, October 27, 2009

AVISG Tecnology for Multimodal Interaction explained

When demonstrating the AVISG tecnology for mobile multimodal web interaction (see videos here) customers tell us about how can it be possible, how to synchronize real time voice and mobile web if mobile browsers are not AJAX enabled. The others concern is about the possibility of reusing their IVR/ASR/TTS. Basically the answers are: YES, Solaiemes AVISG can synchronize real time voice and web content with only xhtml capable devices and AVISG can use whatever pre-existing IVR or using cloud IVR's. But in order to explain better our technology and advantadge we just prepared a ppt product sheet to help architects of partners and final customers understand how AVISG can be combined with their offers or cover their needs.


Mike said...

looks very interesting. who do you think the market for this is? in terms of
1) service Provider
2) Content provider
3) Content consumer

juan said...

1) As service provider, combining AVISG with clould telephony and cloud IVR's, the service provider can offer a easy way to create mobile CRM channel with high usability not needing smartphones and external apps.

2) As content provider whatever company can create with X+V their own multimodal apps to be accessile using Cloud telephony+ivr. Then, i.e:
-retail clothes companies can have easy apps to browse new catalogues, etc etc and even outbound calls campaigns with visual info can be accepted easily for customers,
-online betting companies can create a very impulsive and easy to use mobile channel.

3) Finally, people prefering feature devices, running away from smartphones due to cost or complexity will have the same rich experience but easy to use, we think this is the way to approach mobile rich services to the masses.

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