Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Solaiemes featured in the Moriana Group IMS & RCS Report 2009

Solaiemes has been featured in the vendors appendix of the Moriana Group IMS & RCS Report 2009.
Our vendor profile is included with other 13 companies profiles. We are very happy to see our company profile together big industry players as Intel, Huawei , ZTE among others, and see other 2 companies based in Spain (Almira Labs and Genaker) also listed.
We understood how difficult is entrepreneuring in technology in Spain with limited funding and it could help to boost VC operations when investors realized the important matters are vision and execution rather than company location :-)
Solaiemes aims to contribute with its vision to improve the mobility, convergence and UC, and participated in the last edicion of IMS forum, and believe IMS & RCS could have a key role, you can find our keynote here.

The Moriana Group (from it own about) specializes in the telecom service layer and next generation networks. Our focus is on: Service Delivery Platforms, Next Generation OSS/BSS, Convergent Charging and Billing, IMS, FMC, VoIP, WiMAX, IPTV, Triple Play Mobile Commerce and Advertising and other key technologies and services. Their mission is to help network operators and service providers to transform their business models, service offerings and network infrastructure to create new revenue streams and to meet the challenges of the competitive Telecom market and the growing pressure from Internet and Web 2.0 players.

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