Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Explaining RCS, will RCS become the killer enabler?

We just made a presentation using the minimalist Lawrence Lessig style. It's about the need of simplifying communication tools for mobile and unified communication and at the same time provide rich experience and the possibility of interaction with everybody and "everything" as your social media profiles and your providers customer care.
For us RCS, Rich Communication Suite is "THE ENABLER", we are working to enrich their potential use cases and want to help to RCS to be understood, adopted by carriers and have the people accepting and using as a "natural" rich communication method in the next future.


Anonymous said...


juan said...

anonymous, why im-presionado ?
any feedback

Angelikita said...

Cool presentation!! I has been able to understand what is RCS target and besides, I have l learnt a new style to use in my teaching presentations :)

juan said...

thx for the feedback, initially we are interesting evangelizing RCS, and soon to be unveiled we will have "more conventional" presentations explaining our product for RCS, which is radically different but complementary to RCS core and RCS clients, stay tunned

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