Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes, We Can... enable a new mobility path

In the following ppt Solaiemes wants to point out certain assumed myths about mobility are not so true....A wide spectrum of rich experiences are not limited to high-tier devices, and the way to create use cases is not only with external applications to be installed. Mobile classical enablers are powerful enough (voice, browser, ptt, videoshare, videocall, etc) when using it properly combined with innovative infrastructure solutions :-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Solaiemes Awarded Red Herring Top 100 Global Company.

We visited San Diego, past week it took place the Red Herring Global Conference and we participated as finalist company. I had the opportunity to share our vision about entrepreneurship, mobility, technology with other entrepreneurs and venture capitalist from more 10 countries around the globe.

During the final phase of Red Herring Awards we have to present our company, technology achievements and new milestone with a 12 minutes pitch followed by 3 minutes of Q&A from the audience.
I also was invited to participate in a panel about the Saas and its potential in enterprise markets. This gave us the opportunity to explain our vision about Communication SaaS.
We also had time to hold meetings with potential partners also finalist and previously scheduled meetings with a US based company offering communication/reporting services for contruction industry and a business development company from México. Hope to be soon in those countries making deals :-)
During the fridays dinner the winners were announced and Solaiemes was listed. It was such a perfect moment compensating the hard task of entrepreneuring :-)
We want to congratulate all companies winners and finalists, specially to spanish start-ups also winners, Sclipo, the best e-learning social network and AquaMobile, innovating in the mobile marketing field.
The final list of winners and finally here
We will post shortly soon to summurize the key points of VC's and industry leaders keynotes there and the panels we attended.

Hope this achievement help us to acomplish the 2009 goals :-P


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Communications Solutions as a Service, our vision

Just introducing our concept about Communications Solutions as a Service. Solaiemes currently offer try and buy SaaS of their platforms. Next ambitious project once completed tested reliable & stable release of our porfolio is to be able to offer "as a Service" with full scalation, sharing platforms for different customers but allowing own customization of final solution by customers, user tracking, billing reports, exporting media repository and additional enhanced features.
This keynote (brief) is our introductory vision and its relationship with SaaS landscape.
Feedback welcomed :-)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Solaiemes finalist at Premio Vivero

Today we were named Finalist at Premio Vivero (Award) organized by Fundetec.
We congratulate the winner IncarSoft and the other 2 finalists (elected from 60 projects participating), and e-Quantium.
This mention granted as a free of cost booth for next SIMO'09 (IT Exhibition in Spain).
The jury members come from public administration ( and Fundetec sponsors as Telefonica, HP, Intel etc.
The speeches during the ceremony (by Fundetec President, a member of Incarsoft and a Madrid Council representative) were clear about the key role of entrepreneurship and innovation to left behing current crisis. All the first revenues of each start-ups are generating real time new qualified employement, and both, government entities and powerful companies should trust the start-ups innovations in products and services.
We welcome the awards and mentions sponsorized by public organizations and private companies, and hope they will be more active in the role of "early adopter" of entrepreneurs innovation :-)

Friday, January 9, 2009

First snowing Solaiemes day :-) but next week California

Today we saw the snow in Madrid, the first snowing day lived as Solaiemerssss. A spanish sentece says "Año de nieves, Año de Bienes" meaning "years when you the snow fails will become succesful years" :-) Obviously we are happy and cross the fingers, this ancient sentence must be true.

We look forward the next week events. Solaiemes is finalist in an entreprenurship Awards in Spain ( Premio Vivero ) and we will be attending the Red Herring Global 100 final in San Diego meeting a lot of entrepeneurs and investors.

We will keep you updated !!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Solaiemes New Year's Goals !!!

just a quick list of our goals (10 from a longer list) for this new year 2009,

1) Improve our brand awareness with starting point the Red Herring Global 08 in San Diego.
2) Impress people/partners/investors with our demos at Mobile World Congress and CTIA.
3) Make public references some current trials in tier 1 companies.
4) Get a Series A funding round from international VC with links in mobile/it industry.
5) Increase the sales force and business development actitivity with new resources.
6) Get distribution/integrators global partnerships. Projects in several countries.
7) Become partners of big suppliers of telco infrastructure and mobile devices.
8) Convert public references in success cases / get market research analysts aware.
9) Launch our Communication SaaS line globally with enterprise/personal solutions mashables with Web 2.0 popular sites.
10) Profitability, of course :-)

if you think we should add more goals, let us know, feedback welcome
the solaiemes team