Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our first customer in the U.S.

We are glad to unveil our first customer in USA, NoteVault. NoteVault is based in San Diego, California and could be considered the leader in voice-to-text mobile reporting solutions for the construction industry. NoteVault enables superintendents to quickly and easily report project activity from the field using nothing but their voice and their mobile phone and now they will add video for live reporting and assistance (using LiveServe).
NoteVault CEO, Peter Lasensky is a serial entreprenur with an impressive background in both, construction and communication technology. For us, this agreement is not only a commercial agreement, it proves that entrepreneurs can find synergies to deliver best in class use cases for their customers.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Oracle adquiring Sun, our opinion.

Now, it is official, Oracle adquires Sun, amazing news. Both were innovating companies changing the world. The competition and the commodity HW becoming very powerful, Linux becoming highly reliable damaged the core business of Sun Microsystems but not its envision and innovative aim. From the start-up perspective, we hope JAVA and MySQL not being "frozen" or discontinued, as they are common plaforms for continous innovation :-)
Regarding the pure M&A perspective, we welcome the Oracle move. The Sun core business was progressively eroded and being the IBM-Sun merge difficult due to monopolistic control, Oracle had the chance to wait and try to adquire cheaper in a few months BUT TIME IS GOLD and they preferred to do now, congratulations. If both companies had a lot of sinergies, Oracle has a lot of cash for investment, if other players as Cisco are coming into new business (Unified Computing), then, no reason to wait.
We are sure about seeing more merges and adquisitions involving huge "flagship" companies along these economical downturn times. The lesson to be learnt by middle size companies, with positive cash, is about they have a huge ocean of opportunities, when VC funding becoming scarce, to expand their portfolio investing/merging/adquiring early stage technology or service companies. Perhaps if VC firms are being so shy for a while, time to M&A focused on SME to "upgrade" their role from supporting actor to the leading role.
Let us turn crisis into opportunity.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Solaiemes VP to speak at IMS 2.0 WorldForum

Luis Valencia, our IMS Products VP is one of the selected speakers of the 6th IMS 2.0 WorldForum next 28-30th April in Barcelona.
Luis will be introducing the keynote "What does the End User Want and How Can IMS Fit the Bill?" and later participating in the pannel "Strategies to Addressing the End User’s Needs from IMS".
Solaiemes learnt from final potential and early adopters "communication solutions" users what they need from the current and future networks. Multimedia capabilities enable a lot of added value use cases, both enterprise/government and mass market fields, eager to be adopted. The lack of compatible services (too much focused the market on device applications, with no compatibility with different mobile OS) and the unknown cost of data traffic involved with the service were two big stones in the middle of the road.
Fortunately, now, RCS initiative and the each time more extended "flat rate and/or stepped semi-flat rates" billing data traffic will help to boost IMS and got their maximum potential.
Solaiemes is one of the companies believing in the future of IMS, developing Application Servers to provide "communication solutions", premise and mobile_cloud/hosted, making real use cases of VideoShare, PTT, Presence, VoIP and VideoIP in mobile / convergence spaces with particular focused on mobile/web2.0 interaction. We are pleased to share this important forum with speakers and delegates from hugest carriers as Telefonica, France Telecom, TeliaSonera, Telenor, KPN, telecom top suppliers as Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, and also succesful mobile start-up's colleagues.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Solaiemes signs the Open Cloud Manifesto

Solaiemes joined the Open Cloud Manifesto initiative. The ultimate goal of the Manifesto is to make the cloud as open and valuable as possible. Solaiemes believes in the cloud not only for enterprise or personal computing areas but mobility cloud based solutions.
We are happy joining the list of supporters including huge companies as Cisco, Sun, AT&T, Telefonica, IBM and also amazing start-ups.
We are glad to see spanish start-up's very focused in exploring the possibilities in the cloud as SaaS areas as EyeOS, Abiquo, Litebi and others also joining.
We strongly believe in openess as global opportunity and consider a huge step in the right way to find huge companies also supporting standards and looking for an extended community including start-up's of the ecosystem of "the cloud" that is being placed as "early stage". We think this "spirit of collaboration" will be a key point to succed both, technology and ecosystem.

To download the full manifesto in pdf here.

Monday, April 6, 2009

First time at CTIA Wireless

Solaiemes exhibited first time at CTIA Wireless (Las Vegas, NV, US, 1-3 April). We had just arrived from this experience and our feeling is very positive. Our booth, located at the spanish pavilion was very nice and located in very crowded zone of floor map.
We received visitors as potential customers, partners, investors and also analysts and media.
Our neighbours, other mobility companies based in Spain were perfect colleagues during the exhibition, and we could share some time to exchanve views about entrepreneurship, mobility trends, how the economic downturn comes as an oppotunity etc. Some of them also posted about the event, i.e: Unkasoft.
We hope to repeat next year with more amazing demos and more time to schedule meetings, and generate "buzz" about our disruptive model of mobility.
We want to thank ICEX for the nice stand they prepared for us and how helpful was their staff there :-)
A short video: