Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Solaiemes Nominee at Global Mobile Awards EMEA tournament

We are thrilled to announce that Solaiemes is a Nominee for the Mobile Innovation Grand Prix in the EMEA Tournament to be celebrated in Barcelona next 17-19 June during the HIT World Innovation event.
There are 10 nominees, 2 nominees in each category, we are competing in the Most Innovating Consumer Application or Service, the other nominee is Multiplied Media from Canada (a public listed company).

This is the first time we submitted to Mobile Innovation Awards with our usability platform AVISG that enable multimodal interaction based on common device features (combining voice call and browsing).

We are one of the smallest and youngest companies among the nominees and we look forward the event, pitch, networking opportunties becoming an opportunity to approach to VC and potential partners, to fuel our growth :-) and who knows, perhaps companies interested in our portfolio completing theirs.

In spite of evangeling a different approach to mobility to the current trend (based on high tier smartphones) we are happy that our "vision about next mobility trend" based on simpler devices and combining common features to build powerful and rich experience have been understood.

See you in Barcelona :-) next june

our official PR here

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Solaiemes contribution to Open Source

Our R&D department in its constant work of looking for better solutions than currently available have developed a new technology for improving performance when using GStreamer invocated from Java. Available solutions like gstreamer-java which are JNA based achieve the objective of allowing that communication but a very high cost in resources. When facing use cases with low communication needs it is useful, but when processing media, which requires a lot of communication, it becomes highly resource consuming.
Our new approach, JNI based, outperforms this solutions achieving in the best case a x100 performance increase. Not all are good news, Java abstractions are lost and is necessary to use pointers in Java like plain C. We consider it a cost effective trade-off.

This kind of innovation in technology is what makes Solaiemes products be so competitive in the market and proves that innovation pays off. We believe that releasing this software to the open software community will be beneficial for both parties, as we can cooperate to have a better solution and make it available to the world.

Find the code/additional info/forum here

Miguel A. Cabrera

Friday, May 8, 2009

Yahoo! Connected TV !!! Welcome

The digital convergence is here, and come here to stay. Yahoo come back, and in our opinion with an interesting play. The Yahoo Connected TV seems a better way to integrate internet "on TV screen" than the approach of running a full browser. The TV Widgets seem "the more usable" way to make arrive interactivity and the web to the home TV's. Non-Geek people can find in this technology a low entry (complexity) barrier to finally BE DIGITAL. TV manufacturers as Samsung, Sony & LG started to integrate the platform and offer to the public, and giants of media and internet as CBS and eBay among others had developed their own widgets. Intel is also involved. Now, while in most European countries are discussing about how deploy "interactivity" with DTT, perhaps the Connected TV is the real fast track and what is more important, more open.
Solaiemes is focused in digital convergence, and we foresee interesting possibilities to make arrive communication solutions directly from communication devices to the "big screen" of non-geek people and also offer new complex and high added value combining multimedia communications between mobile and TV spaces.
Stay tunned, we will post further :-)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We submitted our entry :-) Mobile User Experince Awards

We just submitted our entry to the MEX2009 (Mobile User Experience Awards Event).
In spite of most of entries are about mobile applications, our entry is about our AVISG platform, trying to improve usability from the network side, and make it compatible with as many devices as possible, not only for high-tier smartphone users. With AVISG whatever web/wap site become multimodal and could browsed using the voice.
You can rate our entry and comment. As usual, whatever feedback and suggestions more than welcomed.