Monday, August 31, 2009

Solaiemes exhibiting at SIMO Network event

Solaiemes will have a booth during the coming edition of SIMO Network, next 22-24 September in Madrid (at IFEMA exhibition center).
This year SIMO event, with long tradition in Spanish IT market is re-invented, from a large exhibition for everybody, this year it is transformed as a smaller exhibition area, but with a parallel powerful programme of conferences and pannels, focused in professional attendants.
We thank the organization for the free of cost booth as a prize for becoming finalist in past edition of "Premio Vivero" last january.
We will be showcasing our progress in our portfolio and explaining the next step, "cloud-ifying / SaaS-ifying" our offer as we understand what the market is asking for. A good opportunity to meet with partner & customers (and potential new ones) and also investors.
Suggestions, meeting requests, questions, very welcomed.

Update: the PR associated

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our view about trending topic: Cloud/SaaS market opportunities & challenges.

In these slides we analyze our view about how IT is being changed with the irruption of Cloud & SaaS technology trends and the opportunities and also challenges it will offer for all players.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Solaiemes adds X+V support to its AVISG product family.

X+V is a nice standard endorsed by the W3C initially developed by Opera and IBM some years ago to bring vocal functionality to web browsers. Among its nice features is to allow to embed
voice content (using VXML 2.0) on XHTML content. This allows to leverage current web applications architecture to bring also vocal and multimodal functionality to voice enabled web browsers.
The Solaiemes approach is to use the AVISG infrastructure to implement X+V using current web browsers that do not have any voice functionality and using current IVR systems. This allows bringing multimodal (web + vocal) interaction to users that just have a simple web browser and a vocal phone (POTS, mobile, SIP, VoIP, widgets enabling VoIP embeded in a webpage, etc). Then, we try to achieve the main objective of X+V standard, to leverage current web application architecture to provide both web and vocal content in a single document. This is done by means of AVISG that splits web content and pushes it to the simple web browser and vocal content and pushes it to the phone channel through a current IVR system.
This fresh approach to X+V greatly leverages current premise and cloud based IVR systems (or if you want it the other way around: leverages current self-customer care web systems) to provide multimodal interaction using simple clients already in place in most users PC Desktops, mobile phones, etc.

Soon, videos with use cases mobile and pc-browser using 3rd party cloud IVRs, stay tunned

by Saúl Labajo