Saturday, January 16, 2010

For those who do not believe that "telcos" & internet can walk together...RCS

We are glad to post new demos and unveil a new product, with RCS Solutions Gateway, 3rd parties will have the capability to create mobile channels using a common carrier or service provider feature, RCS. In this demos we use our platform and our own first version of droid client to show how a Social Media connector is possible to reach mobile customers with RCS, both are working under a live IMS/RCS Core. The idea was demonstrating that internet space and carrier space can co-exist and help each other.

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soon more demos


Anonymous said...

How does it work from network point of view?

juan said...

RCS is an enabler using packet domain (data connection), and is a service based on IMS Core capabilities.

Danielko said...

It´s a great product.

How does it inteoperate with IMS network?
How does the service configuration requirements in HSS?(necessary user data, triggers, etc).

juan said...

Platform has to register their "virtual/corporate RCS clients" in the HSS.

The feature roadmap includes modules to pre-approve new corporate-subscribers in the carrier HSS enviroment & diameter support.

The platform can also be operated within a "independent service provider" scenario, being connected to SIP server and a Presence server.In that case the user database is internal keeping bloth user and corporate subscriber data.

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