Monday, January 25, 2010

Unified Communications? and the TV? RCS to provide seamless communication

Just releasing a new demo of use case of our RCS Solutions Gateway. In this case the platform instances "cloud" RCS clients to mirrored with IM/file sharing apps at TV side (with TV Widgets) or at STB/deco side (using MHP and other frameworks).
In this demo you can see how mobile and TV subscriber can initiate a instant messaging session, and even the mobile can share a pic to be displayed in the TV by the receiver. Soon live video from mobile will be added.
Using Rich Communication Suite (with a live IMS core) carriers offering triple play can also offer communication capabilities to the "TV" in a very simple way.

No need to modify the RCS client at mobile, or the IMS/RCS core to deploy this use case.

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solaiemes team

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Anonymous said...

Nice application!. Now the dream of everybody about showing your pics of vacations may be done with one application and easy to use... Good luck with this new product!

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