Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unveiling our RCS Solution Gateway, merging telco and web services

Being small start-up it is always difficult to decide which level of product roadmap disclosure is the optimal one, if you do not share your vision and some level of execution you are never paid attention from customers and potential investors, if you disclose too much, powerful companies can dedicate their "army of coders" to create alternatives.
Well, in the pdf/ppt below we explain our goal to easily create services on top of RCS.

We look for a win-win-win scenario:

- subscribers getting very different services (CRM, social media connectors, smart advertisement) with a only one client (RCS) being also a personal communicator
- telcos enabling a lot of services very easy to adopt to their subscribers, and compatible with all device tiers, and without the need of interoperating telco infrastructure with 3rd parties services.
- 3rd parties service providers & developers, able to reach critical mass of mobile users with a single client being "evangelized" by carriers.

previous posts include videos of use cases implemented for demo: rcs-tv , rcs-twitter

Whatever feedback, more than welcome,
solaiemes team

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