Monday, June 14, 2010

Solaiemes participated in the MOBIP event in Valencia.

Solaiemes attended las week the first edition of Mobile Services Innovation Platform (MOBIP) event was held in Valencia, Spain. MOBIP is a Partnership and Investment Forum for Mobile Services.
Valencia became a meeting point for SMEs, professional experts, corporate partners and venture capital investors that were interested in knowledge-sharing on strategic information, market opportunities and new business trends for the Value-Added Services in the Mobile Industry.
The aim of the Partnership and Investment Forum is to foster the competitiveness of high-growth ventures in the mobile services sector and to strengthen their opportunities for market access both within Europe and in wider international markets. The focus of these projects is on access to finance, internationalization and business to business collaboration.
Solaiemes was selected by MOBIP to present our company project to an audience of industry experts and investors. After that, we had the opportunity to meet one2one with some of the industry experts and investors to further discuss. This will help us to expand collaboration and connect with investment players. The experience was very positive, and it confirms that "mobile" is now boosting, this is the moment.
This is the first edition of the MOBIP Forum and more are coming soon across Europe, so get ready for next opportunities to create connections between the investor community and start-ups in the Mobile sector.

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