Thursday, July 8, 2010

Looking for partners/integrators/resellers in France, Scandinavia & Benelux

During the last months we were quite quiet blogging, sorry, we were fully focused in speeding up our RCS/IMS portfolio, interoperating with IMS core vendors, and trying to present our vision in different trade shows and conferences (MWC2010, IMTC2025, MOBIP).
We have had nice feedback about our vision and how carriers still have the chance of keep a leading role in the enhanced messaging and communication space and avoide the final sentence to be mere dumb pipe :-)
Now, we have packaged 2 concept trials to enhance RCS offer targetting carriers trialing RCS and the ones planning to deploy the service with 2 main goals.

a) showcasing the possibilities of creating non-intrusive services on top of RCS using API's, and allowing to create different use cases as mobile banking or social networking sharing the same using experience, the RCS client.
b) showcasing how RCS can be applied also as communicator in the TV, STB or embedded in a website making feasible a real convergence and a seamless communication experience.

We believe it is better rely on local partners the approach to the carriers and we are eager to partner with telecom focused integrators and IMS core suppliers without this application layer currently working with carriers in France, Benelux and Scandinavia, and also Italy :-), to help them to take the most from previous IMS investments.

looking to hear about you !!!

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