Friday, September 10, 2010

RCS experience in your browser. Solaiemes RCS Web Client

Next month we will unveil our new RCS product, the RCS Thin Client Server, we will write PR, create a section in your web, and a ppt brochure, but here comes the preview...the demo of RCS Web Client, to help RCS to become the ubiquitous communicator, nothing to be installed in your computer, only the browser, also useful for netbooks & new tablets.

The idea explained is to use the cloud communication & UC approaches to split in 2 sides: the communication in cloud platform and the visual user interface the web browser (also other javascript capable devices as TV or STBs). The platform will serve RCS Web Clients to work as standalone communicators and also as embedded contact way for sites (e-commerce, banking, etc) to add to the web experience the natural language texting interaction. We will continue telling you how barriers between telco and internet service approaches are being removed by the facts :-)

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