Wednesday, December 29, 2010

From 2010 to 2011, facts & dreams :-)

This post with "postcard" is just to summarize our year, introduce the next year goals, and wish a happy new year 2011 to all our customers, partners, fans and people who trust us.

Our 2010 was a challenging year. We faced some challenges and changes in our structure and new very talented people come on board, to our ship.
The "telco" sales cycle allowed "finally" to start monetizing our LiveServe product line and hope we can disclose some live deployments of video use cases for emergencies soon. We are comitted to the video and believe the RCS VideoShare will bring amazing possibilities from the live video from/to mobile.
Also, the 2010 was the year when we realize of the huge possibilities of RCS (Rich Communication Suite) to delight carriers customers and focus in help this technology to be more open and more ubiquitous, to help to succeed it with a win-win-win (carriers, developers, users). In just 12 months we got some intersting partnership in the messaging area, actively participated in the events to boost this technology and shorlisted finalist in the GSMA RCS DevChallenge in the innovation category and just we are crossing fingers and working hard to perfom well in the final during the Mobile World Congress.

Hope to find all of being lucky this coming 2011 as we will try to do :-)
The Solaiemes team.

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