Monday, January 25, 2010

Unified Communications? and the TV? RCS to provide seamless communication

Just releasing a new demo of use case of our RCS Solutions Gateway. In this case the platform instances "cloud" RCS clients to mirrored with IM/file sharing apps at TV side (with TV Widgets) or at STB/deco side (using MHP and other frameworks).
In this demo you can see how mobile and TV subscriber can initiate a instant messaging session, and even the mobile can share a pic to be displayed in the TV by the receiver. Soon live video from mobile will be added.
Using Rich Communication Suite (with a live IMS core) carriers offering triple play can also offer communication capabilities to the "TV" in a very simple way.

No need to modify the RCS client at mobile, or the IMS/RCS core to deploy this use case.

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solaiemes team

Saturday, January 16, 2010

For those who do not believe that "telcos" & internet can walk together...RCS

We are glad to post new demos and unveil a new product, with RCS Solutions Gateway, 3rd parties will have the capability to create mobile channels using a common carrier or service provider feature, RCS. In this demos we use our platform and our own first version of droid client to show how a Social Media connector is possible to reach mobile customers with RCS, both are working under a live IMS/RCS Core. The idea was demonstrating that internet space and carrier space can co-exist and help each other.

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soon more demos

Friday, January 8, 2010

Help us to create a shared Q&A (Faq list) about Solaiemes

We try to interact with customers, potential customers, partners, analysts, media, and people eager to know more about us.
We found specially useful Twitter, as a way to make quick questions publicly or privately using DM's. Recently I knew about and created our profile there, it is a fantastic method to create a Q&A list that remains public, it allows anonymous questions and also people disclosing their identities in a form of just using Facebook connect.
We invite you to help us to create an interesting question list, we will try to answer accurately this "user generated interview". You can use English and/or Spanish to type your questions.
Perhaps some questions could be impossible to answer due to NDA's with other companies or internal information not able to be disclosed, but we like tranparency and will do our best to answer all your questions. You can post your questions here :-)