Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reflections on the RCS seminar in MWC 2010

GSMA organized again a very interesting seminar on RCS as part of the Mobile World Congress GSMA activities. Almost 4 hours packed with experience from trials and vendors and operators heavyweights. It is difficult to say that there is no commitment after listening to the attendants.

I will summarize the most important points on our view, just a schematic, not the full session proceedings.

Telefónica: Stressed the dynamic nature of the future enhanced phonebook, one of the RCS strong points. Advantages of RCS services vs over-the-top: Native and embedded client + Universality + Telco service model.

Japan operators: Very intesting explanation of the timeline. PoC + Presence + IM launched in 2008, limited success due to poor interoperability. Step back and work on agreement under standard organisation umbrella. Now launching IMS based services and integrated with RCS group.

Trial operators: Ongoing and well.

AT&T: Sharing very interesting lessons learnt from SMS slow start and MMS blazing success in the US market: Interoperability between operators is key, it was lacking initially with SMS (and harmed it a lot), carefully worked for MMS (contributed to quick and massive success). GRX is not good enough, RCS interconnectivity should be IPX.

Very important insight from an Asia operator: when RCS service was launched, it didn't canibalize SMS traffic, on the contrary, SMS actually increased !!!. RCS stimulates communication, any kind of communication.

Reportedly, some nostrils perceived the uncertain aroma of doubt in the last part of the seminar, I think it is just another take in the continuous game between vendors (we won't ship until operators commit) and operators (we can't commit unless more units and models are available). Hopefully with RCS a common interest will leave behind this conundrum, as old as the mobile industry (remember the "God send mobiles" joke?).

And finally we want to remark that Solaiemes point of view remains intact. High tier devices apps could be the Ferraris, but the real success is the Ford-T, providing a nice experience everybody can afford in terms of cost & usability. Steve Jobs could be a nice "ferrari" type innovator, but the huge mass market impact should come from carriers (the communication Henry Ford's) if they do not throw the towel :-)

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Wow, included as vendor in a GSMA flyer to promote RCS !!!

We were really amazed as appearing listed in a flyer to promote Rich Communication Suite technology with 6 vendors listed as "please ensure the visit to the following...".
We are appearing with other fantastic start-up's, even some of then were start-up's decades ago :-)
Just kidding :-)
Now, seriously, we are glad to see that our product gets some attention, and is complementary to the core IMS and device/desktop client suppliers offering.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mobile Banking using RCS, finally a common way to deliver mobile CRM

When we explained our RCS Solution GW we said it was conceived to create social media interfaces, CRM mobile channels, not intrussive advertisement, and other solutions as TV remote clients. Well, we showcase in this demo how RCS can help banks to deliver a very intuitive easy to use self-service for mobility. (It also applies to other types of companies needing to provide their customers a mobile access).

The clear adavantadge of this approach is that using a near coming "universal service" as RCS people will learn once this kind of interaction (as in the past most of mobile users learnt SMS) and will become the most natural way for mobile data services, compatible with all device tiers.

feedback welcomed
solaiemes RCS team

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2010!

This is our 3rd year exhibiting at Mobile Innovation Zone of the MWC (stand Hall 7-IZ12, download floorplan). Since we were a new born start-up till today we grew our portfolio, have some references but still needing funding, partners and potential customers to boost. MWC for us is "the event".
We are particulary motivated this year, as it seems carriers are finally decided (or at least, it seems so) to compete in new services under common user experience using Rich Communication Suite, and we are developing a platform to allow 3rd parties to create services on top of RCS.
We are also showcasing our mobile video framework to mash-up live mobile video from mobile to web application (enterprise and social media).

Eager to know about you !!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Interviewed at Techistan

It is nice to find people with entrepreneur spirit trying to find out what is happening at other side of the ocean :-), I was interviewed for a 5 minutes podcast by Suzanne Bowen (her twitter) and it was transcripted and podcasted the audio at Techistan.com.
Glad to see how people is interested in what is being cooked to improve communications, no matter where and who is doing that.
Thx Suzanne

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unveiling our RCS Solution Gateway, merging telco and web services

Being small start-up it is always difficult to decide which level of product roadmap disclosure is the optimal one, if you do not share your vision and some level of execution you are never paid attention from customers and potential investors, if you disclose too much, powerful companies can dedicate their "army of coders" to create alternatives.
Well, in the pdf/ppt below we explain our goal to easily create services on top of RCS.

We look for a win-win-win scenario:

- subscribers getting very different services (CRM, social media connectors, smart advertisement) with a only one client (RCS) being also a personal communicator
- telcos enabling a lot of services very easy to adopt to their subscribers, and compatible with all device tiers, and without the need of interoperating telco infrastructure with 3rd parties services.
- 3rd parties service providers & developers, able to reach critical mass of mobile users with a single client being "evangelized" by carriers.

previous posts include videos of use cases implemented for demo: rcs-tv , rcs-twitter

Whatever feedback, more than welcome,
solaiemes team

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