Friday, April 30, 2010

Our presentation at IMTC 2025 Forum, RCS & Triple Play

Find the slides Jose Recio presented in the IMTC 2025 Forum in the Panel "Triple Play in the Living room" shared with Manuel Vexler (Huawei) and Anatoli Levine (Radvision).
Our point was about with light clients based on current TV widgets or STB frameworks are enough to build more complete communicators based on Rich Communication Suite, keeping the "complexity in a shared cloud based platform".

Feedback, more than welcomed.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Panel at IMS 2.0 World Forum in Barcelona.

Next week I will be at IMS 2.0 World Forum 2010 in Barcelona and will participate in a panel "How to boost IMS applications" on 29th, April.
We are happy to be there and have the chance of explaining a demo-ing how Rich Communication Suite (RCS) could be the killer app based on IMS and not only "app" but "solutions enabler".
The IMS 2.0 forum is also a chance to be in touch technology and service development representatives from main suppliers and carriers and meet new leads.
This is our second year there as speakers, and it seems finally this year the IMS community will be more optimistical, as RCS is taking off with some important trials, being interoperated with different carriers. Finally carriers are understanding the role of IMS, and also they should work together to offer a "solution" mass market model (as SMS in the past) against the "app" model, not able to arrive to the masses.