Thursday, September 16, 2010

Colibria and Solaiemes successfully complete interoperability of RCS portfolios

We are happy to announce that Colibria and Solaiemes announced successful completion of interoperability testing between Colibria’s OMA-compliant RCS enablers and the Solaiemes portfolio including RCS Solution Gateway, RCS Thin Client Server and internal Android RCS Client.

For us it is a great milestone to have a fully interoperated portfolio with a leading vendor of RCS infrastructure including Instant Messaging, Presence and XDM carrier grade servers. Solaiemes is delighted to co-operate with Colibria to increase the availability of these services. It is yet another example of how RCS enables innovation within the ecosystem providing global interoperable new communications experiences for all users. Thanks Colibria :-)

Find the complete PR in both companies websites: and

solaiemes team

Friday, September 10, 2010

RCS experience in your browser. Solaiemes RCS Web Client

Next month we will unveil our new RCS product, the RCS Thin Client Server, we will write PR, create a section in your web, and a ppt brochure, but here comes the preview...the demo of RCS Web Client, to help RCS to become the ubiquitous communicator, nothing to be installed in your computer, only the browser, also useful for netbooks & new tablets.

The idea explained is to use the cloud communication & UC approaches to split in 2 sides: the communication in cloud platform and the visual user interface the web browser (also other javascript capable devices as TV or STBs). The platform will serve RCS Web Clients to work as standalone communicators and also as embedded contact way for sites (e-commerce, banking, etc) to add to the web experience the natural language texting interaction. We will continue telling you how barriers between telco and internet service approaches are being removed by the facts :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Joint Demo. Using RCS as service enabler at RCS Asia Forum

Tomorrow, friday 10/september we are attending RCS Asia Forum in HongKong organized by the GSMA. We will showcasing our portfolio: RCS Solution Gateway and unveiling the RCS Thin Client Server creating RCS web clients, to help RCS to become even more ubiquitous.

We will show the RCS Solution Gateway interoperated in a joint demo (see joint PR) with 4 other companies. The demo will showcase RCS release 2.0, and extensions to Internet-based services such as Google™ weather and currency, in a secure network environment across different device platforms. See diagram and participant roles.

(extracted from the PR)-> "The participating companies are Colibria, providing its carrier-grade OMA and RCS compliant Messaging, Presence and XDM enablers; Acme Packet, providing its industry-leading Net-Net session border controllers for SIP security and control; Solaiemes, providing its innovative RCS Solution Gateway creating value added services on top of RCS using UNI API's; and the client vendors Comneon and Neusoft, bringing the solution together with a rich end-user experience with several different handset operating systems and on PC platform. This marks the first time five such companies have participated in a demo of this nature of the GSMA Rich Communication Suite initiative."

solaiemes team