Monday, October 25, 2010

RCS Thin Client Server, our new platform, making RCS ubiquitous

Perhaps you know about it from the videodemos of RCS TV client and RCS Web Client, but it was now officially released as a product itself till now. The RCS Thin Client Server shares the same core RCS "translating protocols" Solaiemes technology running in the RCS Solution Gateway but with a different goal. The RCS Thin Client Server tries to make RCS as ubiquitous and multi-display communicator and RCS Solutions Gateways looks to open RCS to 3rd party developers to create lots of use cases on top (service-users).
The ppt explaining the product, the discloseable :-) is:

Feedback, more than welcomed.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Solaiemes presented its vision & portfolio on RCS at Mobile Brodband Forum 2010.

Last week, we participated in the Mobile Broadband Forum 2010 in Lisbon organized by Hansecom.
We participated in the RCS/IMS day and try to give a new approach about how to explain RCS to the mass market and make realize the carriers about its huge potential. Even most carriers know that RCS is their chance to keep a role and not become mere pipe, they should realize that time is gold and accelerate the deployment and a broad commercial offer linked to access to solutions and cloud communications having the RCS as enabler.
Find below our presentation, including some examples showing how the promised in now real and possible, explaining how our portfolio expand the revenue potential from RCS beyond the initial use cases, and finally compares the telco role with other industries where the incumbent should take care "of the most" and not focus in the "high tier elite".

Feedback, more than welcomed.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Views on IMS Global Congress 2010

We were invited to moderate a panel and showcase demos during the IMS Global Congress 2010 in Brussels organized by IIR. Firstly to say that it is a very good opportunity to evangelize, and we are glad to see that innovative companies are invited to discuss with leading vendors about trends and the future, and both together to try to evangelize carriers about their battle is not lost if they rely in their infrastructure to deliver new user experiences to their customer base.
During the congress it was discussed along a list of topics (LTE, Voice services using IMS, convergence, RCS). Our panel was about how difficult is for the ecosystem to work with carriers, and the need of API's soon better than full standarized, developers are costumed to adapt to changing APIs (as the social networks ones), but API's themselves :-) Better if finally there will be final API's fully standarized, but it is more important to have API's asap. A lot of services were developed with SMS using gateways with different API's. We proposed the same approach for RCS, to adopt as preferred the UNI (user to network interface) approach but leave the vendors to create their platforms (our own is the RCS Solution Gateway) offering API's and start working with them until final API's spec will arrive :-). Recent examples as the joint demo during RCS Asia Forum had proven this is the right path.
It was nice to see other spanish companies as technological MVNO Fonyou and Almira Labs transmit the message about how not only the value added is the hands of OTTs, the carrier still have space for innovation and customer delight.
Finally, mention to the positive feedback about the RCS joing trial in Spain (Movistar-Orange Spain) provided by the Orange representative explaining the results of customer survey. Users are willing to pay a some euros on top of fix data plans to have RCS as capability, and users like Instant Messaging provided by RCS.

Glat to hear that! Texting Rocks ! :-)